Huygens Software

Huygens Software is developed by Scientific Volume Imaging .

Huygens software is an example of software that makes optimal use our hardware systems with multiple (CUDA-based) GPU cards 

The Huygens Software Suite consists of different image processing packages available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Functionalities include deconvolution, interactive analysis, and volume visualization of 2D-3D multi-channel and time series images from fluorescence microscopes such as widefield, confocal, multi-photon, spinning disk, STED and SPIM

Huygens Software is developed by Scientific Volume Imaging .

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Huygens Suite 18.10: NEW!

Huygens latest release offers great new features, such as the brand-new Array Detector Confocal option for deconvolving images from array detectors like Zeiss (Fast) Airyscan and nanoSPAD. Huygens 18.10 version also offers a new Wizard and an Advanced mode in the Colocalization Analyzer. More information about this new version can be found here.


Huygens Essential: deconvolution and analysis made simple!

Huygens Essential is an image processing software package with a wizard-driven user interface for deconvolving microscopy images, and options for obtaining high-quality visualization and analysis results. Huygens Essential is suited for a wide variety of microscopy images. With many additional restoration, visualization and analysis options, Huygens Essential can be tailored to fit your specific research needs.

Huygens Professional: discover the truth behind your image!

Huygens Professional software is tailored to beginners and advanced users that aim to deconvolve and restore their microscopy images. Work-flows can be optimized with additional 3D visualization and powerful analysis options. Extended arithmetic and scripting tools facilitate batch-wise image processing.

Linux Workstations, ready to use.
If you need a complete GPU based system to run Huygens, contact us.

Deep Cube

• Redisigned BOX
• 4x NVIDIA 2080Ti (Turing) GPUs
• 128 GB DDR4 Memory
• Intel Core i9 CPU
• Up to 3x 12TB + 4 SSD + M2 disk
• Call for prices

Deep Tower

• 2 x NVIDIA 2080 Ti GPUs
• 64 GB DDR4 Memory up to 128GB
• Intel Core i9 CPU
• Up to 3x 12 TB + 4 SSD’s + M2 disk