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CryoSPARC (Cryo-EM Single Particle Ab-Initio Reconstruction and Classification) is a scientific software platform for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). It was created to facilite a fast, accurate and automated solution to scientists working on drug discovery or pharmaceutical areas. Cryosparc combines powerful innovations in 3D reconstruction algorithms with a streamlined end-to-end single particle cryo-EM workflow to process image data in minutes on powerful GPU computers. 
This software can rapidly solve high-resolution structures of biological important targets. So generally is used for solving cryo-EM structures of membrane proteins, viruses, complexes, flexible molecules, small particles, phase plate data and negative stain data.


Launched on March 2021, Cryosparc v4.2.1 is the latest release of this popular software. It includes new features, performance optimizations and various stability improvements. Some of these highlights are:


Image: Molecular structure reconstruction made with cryo-EM techniques.

Official Cryosparc web page.


Cryosparc was developed by Structura Biotechnology Inc and it is available free of charge 

for non-profit academic use, but it is necessary to have a license. 

If you are interested in using CryoSPARC, we can get the license and install this software for you in our GPU supercomputers

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