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Molecular Dynamics GPU

What is Molecular Dynamics?

Molecular Dynamics can be defined as a simulation technique used by scientists, specially biologists and chemists, to predict the evolution of molecular systems, ranging from small molecules to large proteins. A single-point model is replaced by a dynamic model. Then, the nuclear system is forced into motion. 


In computational chesmistry, this simulation procedure is often the method for analyzing large molecules such as proteins, and can also provide information on thermodynamic and dynamic properties of the molecules. 

Lammps software
Namd Molecular Dynamics

molecular dynamics siMULATION Software

What do we offer?

LinuxVixion Workstations and Servers are designed to run different types of software such as AMBER20, GROMACS, LAMMPS or NAMD. We install the package that can better meet your needs and those of your team. 


Not only our systems are fully validated and certified, but you can have them right next to you while doing heavy calculations on the GPU. We have different models of Workstations and Servers, so you can choose the best one for you. Maintenance service can be added if you are interested in.

Full turnkey solutions ready to use

Installation of complete software framework

Validated and certified GPU systems

Secure and fast shipping to all Europe

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