Here you can find our different 

GPU workstation models

SILENT 2*RTX 3080 / 3090

Our SILENT Workstations are designed for HPC right next to you. You can analyze your results at the same time you’re running a heavy calculation on the GPU.

Intel Core I9-10940X / AMD Ryzen 3970X
2 GPU RTX 3080 / 3090
32-256 GB DDR4 RAM
1 M2 disk 1TB +3*HD 14Tb
Configured CentOS Linux 7.9

SILENT 4*RTX 3080 / 3090

We increase the number of GPUs, up to a maximum of 4 GPUs  in the same box*


This model incorporates a 5-bay HOT-SWAP front end system. This configuration is a little more noisy, but you can still work with this equipment in the Laboratory or in the Office.

Intel Core I9-10940X / AMD Ryzen 3970X
4 GPU RTX 3090
256 GB DDR4 RAM 

1 M2 disk 2TB +5*HD 14Tb
Configured CentOS 7.9

*Upon availabilty

XEON / EPyC 4*RTX 3090

For customers requiring more than 256 GB of RAM, or DUAL CPU and more than 100TB storage.

These Workstations 4U Rack mountable has Redundant Power Supply as well as a very powerfull Cooling system. We configure Remote Desktop in order you can access remotely from your desk.

AMD EPYC (Single-Dual socket)/ Intel Xeon Silver-Gold
Up to 4 GPUs Double Wide
2 NVMe U.2 + 8*HD 14Tb/16 Tb /18Tb

2 RJ45 10GBase-T Ethernet Lan ports

Redundant Power Supply 2000 W
Configured CentOS Linux 7.9


Our GPU Workstations and Servers are certified. All NVidia GeForce systems are fully validated for numerical correctness using custom validation suites.

Linuxvixion Certified Systems

«I personally verify all LinuxVixion machines»

Prof. Ross Walker

We are the sole source provider of Certified GPU Systems in Europe 

for high performance biomolecular simulation

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